Stable Income Fund

The Wentworth Williamson Stable Income Fund (Fund) seeks to generate consistent monthly income for wholesale investors by investing primarily into unlisted credit securities.

Target return

The Fund targets a return* in excess of the RBA Cash Rate plus 3.5% p.a. while seeking to preserve investor capital.

*This is a target return and may not be achieved. Investment income and the return of investor capital are not guaranteed. The Fund is invested into unlisted debt securities which may be illiquid and contain the risk of default by the issuer, as well as other risks, some of which are outlined in the Information Memorandum.

The application process

View Information Memorandum

You can submit an application to Wentworth Williamson online.

The digital form will guide you through all information required. To get started, please click on the link below.

Send the completed application form and transfer your application monies.

Note: To comply with Australia’s anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) legislation, we must collect certain investor identification documents for all new investors.

Stable Income Fund Application Form

We offer several methods for finalising your application.

  • Fax: Fax your original signed application form to 1300 288 664.
  • Email:
  • Post: Post your original signed application form and required identification evidence to: Wentworth Williamson, C/- Automic Group, GPO Box 5193, SYDNEY NSW 2001

An application is not considered complete until both the completed application form and funds have been received by the administrator. Please note that the Trustee has absolute discretion to accept or reject any application.

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