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Talk Ya Book with Chris Judd: Fleetwood | ASX: FWD

By 7 February 2024No Comments

Two years ago James Williamson spoke with Chris Judd on Talk Ya Book focusing on the positive tailwinds emerging for MMA Offshore (ASX:MRM) , a stock which was $0.40 at the time and has now climbed to a ~$2 market darling. This week on the 6th of Feb 2024 James discusses another exciting opportunity with some similarities to the MRM story two years ago:

  1. Company market capitalisation is significantly down from its historical highs (2008 – 2012) and about to benefit from a resource cycle upswing
  2. Strong net tangible asset backing
  3. Turnaround story with a reinvigorated management team
  4. Stock largely ignored and forgotten about by the investment community

Fleetwood (ASX: FWD)