Wentworth Williamson Equity Fund

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Hunting for value

Our opportunity is to benefit from share price volatility in a world of an increasingly short-term-focused investment community. We often find fertile ground in outstanding little gems, outside the top 50 ASX companies that are overlooked by large, institutional investors.

Value, contrarian style

If you ‘follow the crowd’, you will never outperform.

Alignment of interests

Our team and associates are significant investors in the Fund.

Concentrated portfolio

Careful selection of 10–25 well-understood investments. We do not try to mirror the index.

High accessibility

Communicating openly and candidly with our clients.

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James Williamson returns to Talk Ya Book with Chris Judd: Fleetwood Ltd | ASX: FWD

James Williamson on Talk Ya Book with Chris Judd: MMA Offshore Ltd | ASX: MRM

Fund details

Nature of Offer

Units in Wentworth Williamson Equity Fund (“WWF”, “Fund”).

Investment manager and Trustee

Wentworth Williamson Management Pty Limited (ACN 164 774 814) Corporate Authorized Representative (Australian Financial Services (AFS) Representative No. 445865) of MZL Nominees Pty Ltd (ACN 642 588 627) which holds AFS Licence No. 526845) which authorizes Wentworth Williamson Management Pty Limited to operate the Fund as an unregistered managed investment scheme.

Distributions *

At least annually at or around 30 June all distributable income – reinvested into additional Units (no buy/sell spread costs) or when requested credited to a designated Australian bank account.

Minimum investment

$50,000 or less at the discretion of the Trustee.

Theoretical investment horizon

≥ 5 years


Monthly, on the first day of each month, and/or such other time or times as WW may determine. (Subscription Day).

Unit pricing

Monthly as at the last business day of each month (Valuation Day), but WW may elect to calculate unit pricing at shorter intervals.


Netwealth, PowerWrap, Macquarie.

Management fee

1.25% per annum of the net asset value of the Fund charged and payable on a monthly basis.

Performance Fee

20% of the increase in the net asset value of the class of Units (after deduction of Management Fees) above the Benchmark, subject to a High Water Mark1. The Benchmark is the Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate plus 3.5% p.a. The Performance Fee will accrue monthly and is payable quarterly in arrears.


Monthly, at the last business day of each month, and/or such other time or times as WW may determine (Redemption Day) following 30 days written notification.

Registry and administration

Automic Pty Ltd.


Sandhurst Trustees Limited.


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

* There can be no assurance the Fund’s investment objective will be achieved.

1 The High Water Mark is an amount equal to the highest net asset value at the end of a period where a Performance Fee was last paid, adjusted for any distributions made.

Information memorandum

The information memorandum is available here and should be read in full before making a decision whether to invest.

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